Gaur City-1 Noida Extension
Sector 01
Greater Noida West

Gaur City 7th Avenue - Noida Extension

Gaursons is the organization which has set the bar in the sphere of real estate market. It has made examples in the field with their most recent ventures and to be specific "Gaur City," “Gaur Mulberry Mansions" and "Gaur Saundaryam" in Noida Extension. They are undoubtedly are the most recent activities in extravagance living.

The organization expects to rise as the chief real estate designer in India with a future line-up of activities, which are arranged over the entire nation. Gaursons' vision is to have prospected among the best and most innovative land engineers in the country by making esteem for their clients through fabulousness in corporate practices and property items.
At present with an extensive rundown of private ventures in Delhi NCR, it is one of the primary and dynamic developers in the area. This multi-intrigue, multi-utility, land organization is resolved to do new compositional wonders later on.

Gaur City 7th Avenue is found at Gaur City 1, GH-01, Sector-4, Greater Noida. Gaur City 7th Avenue Noida Extension is going up against a green band which ensures outside air and an incredible visionary. Other than the encompassing atmosphere, the territory similarly gets a kick out of the unprecedented point of convergence of being on the FNG (Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad) entry. This key arranging gives basic openness of Delhi and three of the satellite NCR urban groups. Not only this, even step by step life transforms into a breeze here, since various significant neighborhood objectives, unnecessarily, are inside basic traverse.

Gaur City 7th Avenue Highlights:


Gaur City 7th Avenue Amenities/ Features:

- The customers will get to know the Firm Price - no heightening will be stated later.
- 2 BHK and 3 BHK ready to move apartments.
- Complete township stacked with all courtesies and offices.
- A Certified tremor safe structure according to IS Codes of practice.
- Lifts by OTIS or identical in every square.
- Housing credit loans are accessible from the authentic and considerable money related organizations. So buying a property over here will never be an issue.
- All day long water connection in bathrooms.
  - Intercoms are equipped to enhance the day long security services.
- Excellent options for car parking by installment premise
- Parks, playing territory for the kids, are associated with the broad spectrum of the compound.
- Only 25% of the land is secured area and 75% of land happens to be open space. Thus, the inhabitants will be able to taste the amiable eco-friendly nature.
- Rainwater gathering and utilization is another option.
- Shopping Mall, Departmental Stores, Nursing Home, Gaurs International School Clubhouse, 7-screened Multiplex

Gaur-City-Noida Flats   Gaur-City-Noida-Extension 2/3 BHK

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